Medformatics, Inc., a Minneapolis-based firm with a national consulting practice, specializes in the design, implementation, and selection of health care information systems.  Our clinically driven approach to software and algorithm development sets us apart from other health care I.T. consulting organizations and allows our customers to better understand the complex relationships between health care processes, cost, and outcomes. Download the Medformatics brochure.

Medformatics, Inc. has revolutionized the development of claims-based medical decision support systems with the Medformatics Advisor radically shortening development times. Medformatics® software supports rapid update of ICD-9 and CPT-4 codes (diagnostic and procedural) in all forms of claims-based data processing systems for health care.

Since 1997, Medformatics, Inc. has been an instrumental partner on a wide range of products and services, broadly reflecting the health care information technology sector:

  • Disease management systems
  • Data analytics for health care
  • Industry standard claims data grouping methodologies
  • Data warehousing for health care
  • Custom claims-based grouping systems
  • Episode-based pharmaceutical reporting
  • Rollout of outpatient electronic medical records
  • Vendor selection processes
  • Clinical guideline development
  • Physician profiling systems

Medformatics®and Medformatics, Inc.® are registered trademarks of Medformatics, Inc., Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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